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He's on Everyone's Guest List

Tim Haszard likes to show people his mammoth photo album with pictures of highfalutin parties he has attended. Among the high society events he has attended are President Bush’s Inaugural Ball, a World Summit meeting, a party hosted by John Werner Kluge – reportedly the country’s wealthiest man – and a party thrown by Malcolm Forbes. It isn’t that Haszard is a must-invite member of the jet set clique, but what his business produces is a seemingly must-have party favor among the rich and famous – the port-o-let. Not any portable loo, mind you. Haszard’s company – Executive Restroom Trailers – builds and rents the most fashionable in traveling outhouse décor to a very small, elite market. "We do parties for the rich and famous," said Haszard, president of the firm. Executive Restroom Trailers has carved a niche in the portable toilet industry – an estimated $500 million industry, according to Bloomington, Minn.-based Sanitation Association. "There are only a few companies in the country doing what we’re doing," said Haszard about manufacturing and renting upscale portable restrooms exclusively for the black-tie and ballroom-gown set. The elaborate facilities that are built by Executive Restroom Trailers feature electric flush toilets, china sink vanities, lights and mirrors, roomy private compartments, hi-fi stereos and exhaust fans. "The workmanship here is probably better quality than (bathrooms) in most peoples’ homes." Haszard said. Since Haszard built his first lavish latrine in a trailer in 1981, he has designed three different models – with capacities to accommodate between four and eleven people – and has built 11 trailers as of 1990. Haszard, who runs the business, has had a hand in building the upscale lavatories. He’s working on the 36th trailer now. The company is able to produce two handbuilt trailers a year, each costing in excess of $50,000 to build and rig with the classy accommodations. "There’s no smell," even though a trailer unit can be used thousands of times before having to be pumped out, Haszard said. "We developed a waste treatment system good for 10,000 uses. Unless they (competitors) have that, they can’t make it work the way this does." Executive Restroom Trailers first Executive was put into use at the World Economic Summit in Williamsburg, VA, in 1982. The company primarily catered to the needs of the well known in the Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas for its first five years. But in 1987, executive Restroom broke out of serving this region’s uppercrust’s biological needs exclusively, when four of the companies trailers serviced partygoers for a bash thrown by Malcolm Forbes. Haszard and his portable toilets have traveled the East Coast showing up at events like Maryland’s 350th birthday celebration, parties hosted by Vice President Dan Quayle, the grand opening of Washington, DC’s refurbished Grand Central Station, which opened before bathrooms were completed and backstage at Beach Boys and Kenny Rogers concerts. But the company’s most popular venue is the Kemper Open, when all the Executives are rented months ahead of time. "I’ve had so much fun with this, because I get to go to some of the most prestigious events in the country." Haszard said. "This will be the hit of the party." Haszard said of his fashionable portable potties.

-Baltimore Business Journal, February 26, 1990