Executive Restroom Trailers
Corporate Offices
1093 A1A Beach Boulevard #421
St Augustine, FL 32080
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Washington's Bestrooms

THE EXECUTIVE deluxe restroom trailers, no permanent address – 2 seats. When Malcolm Forbes throws an outdoor party for Liz Taylor, or Ronald Reagan hosts a summit for world leaders, they don’t rest the same portable toilets that construction workers use on building sites. They spend the extra bucks to get Tim Haszard’s "Executive" restroom trailers.
You too can rent a 26 foot trailer with private bathrooms and a unique treatment system that doesn’t require messy on-site pumping. Each of the bathrooms in the trailer has its own toilet, sink, vanity mirror, exhaust fan and hi-fi speaker.
Haszard runs a company serving over half the nation called Executive Restroom Trailers. The company has been in the portable sanitation business for more than 25 years. In 1981, they built the first Executive and put it to work at the World Economic Summit in Williamsburg.
As a portable toilet, The Executive is in a class all by itself. The trailers are handmade and are comfortable and impeccably maintained.

-Washington Post Magazine, October 1988