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Q. Do I need to provide a water hookup for your trailers?
A. No - our trailers are totally self contained with a fresh water storage system for the vanity sinks.

Q. How much fresh water is used to operate your system?
A.We only need 150 gallons for the vanity sinks and only 120 gallons of water for the electric flushing toilets. This is the total amount of water needed to operate our trailer for an entire one day event.

Q. What do I do for water if I have an event that is three days long?
A. The trailer’s water supply is for one day’s use. At the end of the day we simply fill the fresh water tanks with fresh water from an outside source provided on site.

Q. How much waste has to be removed during the event?
A.None. All waste is pumped off after event hours. With thousands of uses our trailers only generate 400 gallons of waste. This means Executive Trailers NEVER need to be pumped during the event.

Q. How can your trailer be used all day long without having to be pumped off?
A. We have developed a waste filtration system for flushing the toilets. This allows thousands of uses without on site pumping during your event.

Q. Don’t other companies have the same system? I thought all upscale trailers were alike.
A. No other company has this treatment system. It is one of our trade secrets that has proven successful for over 20 years.

Q. Sometimes I have a hard time placing trailers at some of my events. How can you help?
A. We have designed our trailers to handle all situations when setting up events.

Q. Can I rent your trailers in freezing weather?
A. Yes - we have a way of heating our plumbing fixtures in freezing weather. Because Executive trailers are self contained, there are no outside pipes exposed to the weather.

Q. I am always afraid a portable restroom trailer will have toilets that will overflow and create a mess. Will your trailers have this problem?
A. We have never had a problem like that in all the years we have been in business. We have designed the toilets in such a way that this has not been an obstacle.

Q. I never like portable bathrooms because the stalls are so confined. Are yours the same?
A. No - our trailers have half baths in them - not narrow stalls. Each half bath has an electric flushing toilet, a vanity sink and cabinet, and a lighted mirror. It is roomy and affords enough space even for ladies wearing gowns. Our half baths have full length doors for total privacy. There are no narrow stalls and half doors.

Q. I am shocked sometimes when I order a product and the invoice has hidden charges on it. How do you handle your invoicing?
A. We give you a contract when you place your order. The amount on the contract will be the amount of the invoice. We do not add any charges.

Q. What parts of the United States do you service?
A. We have rented trailers mostly in the central and eastern parts of the U.S. and we have also taken jobs as far as Phoenix and Las Vegas. Our trailers are designed to be towed on highways efficiently allowing us to travel anywhere with them when consideration for travel is made.

Q. When I order a trailer in different areas of the country, who does your work for you?
A. Our employees do all the work. We do not subcontract to others. We find this assures the customer the best, cleanest product available. We know, if we do it ourselves, it is done right.