Executive Restroom Trailers
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Two decades in the event business, has taught us that many people would like facilities as clean and comfortable as their own. With this in mind, we designed our trailers to be fully transportable, self-contained and ready for almost every event and situation.

In order to develop the Executive Restroom Trailer concept, it became necessary to evaluate who the customer would be and what their needs were. We had been in public sanitation for over ten years, during which time we had begun to specialize in upscale events with our single electric flushing portable units. We rationalized that most people would like a facility that was as good and clean as their own bathrooms at home. With this in mind we began to formulate a plan that allowed us to build a trailer with private half baths, self contained fresh water systems for hand washing sinks, electric flushing toilets with a unique filtration system that allows thousands of uses and generates only a few hundred gallons of waste.

It also became necessary to design our trailers to be fully transportable. We wanted a trailer that would not have to be pumped off at a clients home or event site during or after a wedding or party. Later as the company grew and corporate hospitality and sporting events became a larger part of the business equation, our systems proved even more valuable because they did not require water hoses running to each trailer and did not require pumping while the guests were attending the event.

All of our trailers are so well maintained that we are still able to rent the ones built 20 years ago. Yet, we are constantly refining and upgrading the materials that we use in their construction and maintenance, allowing us to dominate and drive the market in luxury trailers.

With over twenty years experience as the original company who conceived the idea of restroom trailers, we have learned that we needed to have flexibility in our trailer designs for all of the unique site set ups and placements which we service.

Since we both design and construct our trailers we are always two steps ahead of the market and are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate our Executive Restroom Trailer.